User friendly application included with all ShapeGrabber scanning systems

SGCentral™ is a user-friendly application that lets you configure scan settings, speed, and resolution for ShapeGrabber scanning systems. It is included with every ShapeGrabber 3D scanner.

This versatile application has a number of features and controls to helps to customize scanning parameters to suit a particular project. For example, if you want to modify the automatically selected parameters, SGCentral allows you to set the number of scans and the angular position of the rotary plate and use the motion controls and laser settings to define scanning regions. It also gives control over the resolution detail and depth of field in order to speed up scanning performance.

Once specific selections have been made for a given part or project, SGCentral allows saving the configuration in a file for future use. The preview window shows the point cloud model being built as the scans are being collected. Should there be a need to scan the part again, merely load the file and hit the scan button.

File formats supported are .3pi (ShapeGrabber/SmartProfile), .gpd (Geomagic), .psl (Polyworks), .stl (Polygon), xyz (ASCII generic), and others.

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