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Non-contact Measurement of Thick Film Hybrid Circu

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Hybrid technology today demands highly accurate measurement of films, substrates and structures. Thick film printing is a crucial phase in the hybrid production process. It requires minimal scrap rates and high accuracy in order to achieve successful process control and superior product quality.


Commonly used contact measurement devices are time-consuming, potentially destructive and inaccurate.


The Solution

Cobra Laser Profile Scanner


OGP® meets the need with the Cobra Laser Profile Scanner. This cost-effective non-contact system delivers highly accurate measurement of production parameters such as substrate roughness, conductance path width and variations in layer thickness. Accuracy is not affected by light-to-dark (substrate to film) transitions as is the case with other non-contact methods.


The Cobra Laser Profile Scanner provides the speed and precision required for high-resolution two- or three-dimensional profiles at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Non-contact measurement of the height of thick film components immediately after the printing process ensures fast feedback for possible correctional action. Field proven Dynamic Range Sensor (DRS) technology is combined with computer-controlled positioning stages, and control and analysis software to provide a versatile laser profile scanner ideal for developing and maintaining the hybrid technology production cycle.