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Standard Operations of SmartScope

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Booting sequences:


Turn on the main power switch of PC and control box; Windows displays User Logon window, Double-click metrology software icon; Follow the prompts, open the software step by step. When the system is booting, please don’t move Joystick and stage. The measurement can’t be started until the mouse running icon disappears. 


Note: the system must return to zero after starting up. Otherwise a series of problems will appear, such as stage moving over slowly, light brightness abnormal, routine not running, etc.


Shutting down sequences:


Turn off the lights; Place three coordinates in the middle of travel using joystick; Exit the routine and the metrology software; Close all other programs and then exit Windows;

Turn off the QVI Controller and monitor. Switching off in the standard order can protect measuring routines and ensure the normal state of PC.


Routine running considerations:


Before routine run, watch for the lens position; Set up the part; Prevent the lens from hitting the part during routine run. If the lens is about to hit the part, you need to push “E-STOP” button to avoid damaging the lens. If the crash happens, leading to machine ‘STOP”, the user can take off the head cover, lift the entire optical system to the middle position, then rotate the belt between motor and drive screw until the lens rotating stops in the middle position. Now you can restart the machine.


Every time the system completes its mission, it is best to turn off the lights and press the STOP / START button; the lens should stay above the middle of the stage.