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OGP Gains Momentum at CIMT 2013

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Biennial CIMT China International Machine Tool Show returns again in 2013. Major machine tool manufacturers gathered together, representing the most advanced technology and the most cutting-edge products of the world. How OGP stands out from great numbers of metrology brands and attracts so many professional visitors across the country to observe the products and demonstration, it must have its fortes:


Optical Gaging Products (QVI-OGP®) manufactures non-contact and multisensor dimensional measurement systems that automatically measure a myriad of manufactured parts. Since 1945, OGP technologies have been used by factories worldwide to develop, maintain and improve the production processes. Along the way, many OGP innovations have become industry standards. While obtaining multiple high and new tech patents, OGP participated in the international standardization and German standardization VDI/VDE, and passed ISO9001 and ISO10360-7 certifications.

A vertically integrated company, OGP’s 400+ employees design and manufacture the mechanics, electronics, optics and software used in all its products. This philosophy of controlling the critical core technologies assures optimal performance of every system we produce.


For all kinds of part shapes in various industries or features of different positions, OGP always customizes the most suitable measurement solutions for users. For example, video measurement, using optical sensor with high-resolution image processing, best for measuring edges or diameters of chamfers; optional Tactile Probing works best for measuring bore for size, form, and orientation; Laser works best for angles of chamfers and flatness checks; for axisymmetric parts or parts with plural profiles, MTR Rotary Indexer allows any OGP video metrology system equipped with MeasureMind ® 3D software to realize its true fourth / fifth axis measurement.