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MeasureFit Plus

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OGP MeasureFit Plus is an elegant fitting software solution, designed to use data generated by MeasureMind. 3D MultiSensor, Measure-X, Scan-X, and SmartCheck. metrology software for 2D composite profile and GD&T analysis applications. Single or multisensor data — video, laser, and touch probe — is automatically sent to MeasureFit Plus during a part measurement routine — no operator intervention required.

MeasureFit Plus is powerful. It analyzes all part features simultaneously and automatically performs the most valid fit method based on absence/presence of datum features and geometric tolerances. GDT results and color coded graphic results are immediately displayed, and statistical summaries are available by sending multiple output reports to third party statistics packages. Each fit method provides Z rotation and XY translation values to help with tooling modifications. Trouble spots, trends, and potential assembly problems become crystal clear.

Use MeasureFit Plus off-line to import/export DXF files, which may be transformed to MeasureFit Plus project files containing datums, GDT tolerances, and material condition of features. Or use MeasureFit Plus for reverse engineering by automatically creating a DXF file from undefined point data.