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SmartFit 3D

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SmartFit3D is a fast, accurate, and reliable standalone 2D/3D best-fitting and analysis software package that compares CAD/nominal models to data from most measurement systems.


SmartFit 3D is an interactive software environment where measured data is analyzed, optimized, and compared to CAD and SmartFit 3D works with you to answer questions like these that theoretical data.


SmartFit 3D starts working where your measuring tools leave off. This powerful, intuitive software accepts measured data from virtually any contact or non-contact inspection device, including CMMs, laser scanners, laser trackers, and video systems. Data is compared to the nominal representation of a part (CAD model, drawings, nominal points) to optimize their position. Intelligent best-fitting mathematical methods provide thorough analysis optimization, and evaluation of conformance to form and location for 2D/3D rigid bodies and assemblies.




SmartFit 3D Value High-powered analysis for intelligent manufacturing decisions.
SmartFit 3D displays tabular data and graphs of that data to provide thorough understanding.
Color whisker plots in distance or coordinate mode, and deviation color scaling clearly show part position and tolerance conditions.
SmartFit 3D calculates the best position of a part for machining in its Tolerance Envelope Mini-Max optimization.
Select SmartFit 3D results to output to Excel.



Sample Applications: SmartFit 3D at Work


SmartFit 3D is ideal for best-fitting and analysis in virtually any manufacturing process.

 In the aerospace industry, SmartFit 3D can be used to evaluate individual parts such as wing profiles, turbine blades, and body parts. Auto industry applications include transmission cases, large dies, molds, engine blocks, and body panels. In the precision world of electrical discharge machining, SmartFit 3D can define the proper orientation and spark gap for EDM electrodes.


Die Casting and Assembly

 A dimensionally correct die may not always produce a dimensionally correct casting. A cast part may have areas outside the material or too much material in other places, causing rejection.SmartFit 3D can minimize guesswork rework by optimizing the part against its CAD model.

Movements of die members, as well as subassembly problems, are also easily solved by applying the “Group Release” function, which gives the values to be used in order to build the correct assembly.

Turbine Blades and Propellers

Use SmartFit 3D to construct a profile tolerance for the blade that dictates its best position for machining.


SmartFit 3D ensures there is material all around, and maximizes material in the places where it is most needed.


Next, let SmartFit 3D find the right position for machining the entire propeller, based on the blade tolerance profile, angular location of each blade in the assembly, and the pitch angle. 

EDM Electrodes

In the precision EDM process, where a spark is and used for machining, SmartFit 3D can be used to evaluate and achieve the desired part geometry to be machined. Its “Uniform Deviations” criterion is specially developed to cover the optimization of EDM electrodes. The “Best Fit” function optimizes the part, then reports the new orientation of the part together with the calculated uniform spark gap.  


Much More

These are just a few examples where SmartFit 3D provides the proper solution. Contact us to learn abo