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OGP SmartScope CNC

CNC 500

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Economical Large Format Video Measurement 


      SmartScope® CNC 500 from OGP® offers great value and high precision. With superb optics mounted on a bridge-type support structure for the ultimate in measurement stability, this dimensional metrology system is designed to support a variety of multisensor options — including touch probes, Feather Probe™, laser sensors, and Rainbow Probe™ scanning white light sensor — and provide enhanced measurement capability and range in a small space.


■Auto-calibrating Zoom Lens. The patented 12:1 AccuCentric® zoom lens calibrates itself automatically after every magnification change, ensuring highest accuracy throughout its entire range and over its entire lifetime.

■Positional Accuracy. Precision mechanical bearing XYZ stages with DC servo motor drives and three-axis joystick control — mated to a rigid bridge structure — assure rapid, smooth translation and robust performance. Decoupling the X/Z axes from the staged part, that moves only in the Y axis, assures maximum positional accuracy.

■Versatile Illumination.  Exclusive OGP illumination technology provides the programmable power needed to image the most challenging parts — including prismatic or cylindrical parts. Green LED profile and white TTL coaxial illuminators — even the patented programmable SmartRing™ LED illuminator — are standard with SmartScope CNC 500.

■Available Extended Travels.  SmartScope CNC 500 can be configured with expanded Y and/or Z travel(s) to accommodate large parts or fixtures.

■Capable Metrology Software.  OGP Measure-X® metrology software uses point-and- click tools to simplify complex measurements, and provides a versatile measurement package for general use. SmartScope CNC 500 is also available with MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor, for full 3D functionality.


■Stage travel (XYZ): 500 x 450 x 200 mm
■Measuring unit dimensions (approx LWH):  114 x 120 x 153 cm, 960 kg (contact OGP for crated size/weight)
■XYZ Scale resolution:  0.5 µm
■Motor drives: DC servo with joystick control (X,Y,Z,zoom)
■Worktable: Nickel plated with fixture holes and removable stage glass, 65 kg load capacity
■Zoom lens: Patented† 12:1 AccuCentric® auto-calibrating with up to 25 calibrated positions
■Camera: ½” format high resolution color CCD with 768 x 494 pixel array
■Illumination: Green LED substage, white LED coaxial TTL surface, patented†† 8 sector/8 ring SmartRing™ white LED
■Image processing:  256 level grayscale processing with 10:1 sub-pixel resolution
■Power requirements:  115/230 vac, 50/60 Hz, 1 φ, 700 W
■Rated environment:  Temperature between 18 and 22° C, stable to ± 1° C; 30-80% humidity (non-condensing); vibration <0.001g below 15 Hz
■Operating environment, safe operation:  15-30° C
■Metrology software:  Measure-X®
■Computer:  Minimum configuration Dual Core processor @ 1.8 GHz, 1.0 GB RAM, 80 GB hard drive, 1.44 MB floppy drive, DVD-RW drive, parallel, serial, and USB 2.0 ports, on board 10/100 LAN
■Operating system:  Microsoft® Windows™ 7
■Warranty:  One year

 †Patent Number 5,389,774
††Patent Number 5,690,417

1) Maximum rate of temperature change:  1° C/hour.    2) Maximum vertical gradient:  1° C/meter.
3) With evenly distributed load up to 5 kg. Depending on load distribution, accuracy at maximum rated load may be less than

standard accuracy.
4) XY axis artifact: QVI 25 intersection grid reticle in the standard measuring plane. The standard measuring plane is defined

as a plane that is within 25 mm of the worktable surface.
5) XYZ volumetric artifact: QVI linear linescale.    6) Z axis artifact: QVI step gage or master gage blocks.