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    The Illumination System of OGP SmartScope

    OGP SmartScope Non-contactOptical Metrology Machine is mainly composed of optics, electronics, mechanicalsystem and control system, among which the optical system is a key factor todetermine the image sharpness and measuring accuracy of workpieces, i

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    How to choose The Right OGP Measurement System

    Dimensional measuringsystems are essential technology for any manufacturing operation seeking to improvetheir manufacturing processes. In today’s technology-driven environment,choosing the right measurement technology can require a significant inve

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    Orthopedic Implants Measurement with OGP solutions

    Challenge: Femoral component implants present a unique manufacturingchallenge. This type of implant is custom made to precisely duplicate anindividual patient’s knee structure. Femoral structures consist of a number ofcontours, surfaces and curves

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    The New Generation of OGP ShapeGrabber

    OGP ShapeGrabber Ai620 3D scanner is a precision, non-contact measurementinstrument. The Ai620 measures the complete surface of complex shaped plastic,metal, and 3D printed parts in minutes with a high density of data points.The Ai620 iseasy to use a

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    Flexpoint:Adding CMMs to OGP Sensors

    Automatic CNC-driven CMMs were long regarded as precisebut complex, even finicky machines, with limited functions, needing aclimate-controlled room and programming from experts. Many of today’sfirst-time users still sequester their CMM purchases in

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    SCAN FIT & MEASURE - 2D flatbed scanner-based meas

    ·System features:·Rugged design for shop floor operation·Up to 300 mm x 400 mm (11.3/4" x 15.3/4") field of view, up to 130 mm (5.1/8") part height·Open-standard data output for integration with other information and reporting systems·Open-stand

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    QVI Itaca FlexGauge Metrology Solutions

    Itacasrl, founded 1996, has been continuously developing thetechnique of CMM SW and HW.The field of activity has constantlyevolved since the start in CMM SW.Probing, controllers, specialized HWand SW, always on the mainstream ofmetrology, have been d

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    Orthopedic Implants measured by OGP SmartScope

    Focus: Stem Tibia ImplantsChallenge: Orthopedic implants present a unique manufacturing challenge. Many implants are produced on a semi-custom or even a custom basis to suit the individual patient. The stem tibia implant consists of a number of conto

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    A member of QVI: VIEW – High Performance Metrology

    VIEW Micro-Metrology is the combination ofMicro-MetricandVIEW Engineering, two technology-leading companies each with over 30 years of experience designing and building the world's best non-contact optical metrology systems that have joined together

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    SmartScope ATS - High Precision Air Bearing Perfor

    With high load capacity hydrostatic air bearings, SmartScope® ATS™ Measures large parts and leads the way in speed, accuracy and reliability.ATS uses a massive granite substructure to provide the rigidity and low center of mass needed for high

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