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The Illumination System of OGP SmartScope

Hits:UpdateTime:2021-03-17 14:42:39

OGP SmartScope Non-contact Optical Metrology Machine is mainly composed of optics, electronics, mechanical system and control system, among which the optical system is a key factor to determine the image sharpness and measuring accuracy of workpieces, is also where the spirit of a dimension measurement system lies. Apart from its core components – ZOOM lens and camera, the illumination exposure and adjustment for video measurement is of crucial importance. All the OGP video measuring products are equipped with high brightness LED illuminations, generally falling into: coaxial LED surface light, substage LED surface light, ring light, and SmartRing programmable ring light. For the different parts, different dimension features, different accuracy requirements, the user need to choose the suitable light sources to guarantee the measurement effects.     


Substage LED profile light is generally used to observe profile edges. It is easy in use – just adjust the parameter of brightness to 40% -60%, and 55% is best for light intensity.     


For the measurement of surface and height, coaxial surface light would be an ideal choice because it can vertically light up the workpieces. When measuring thick through-holes, the observing effects with coaxial light are better than using substage profile light. Coaxial light is also recommended for viewing sphere or cylinder edges.  Ring light is usually employed for the measurement of edges and corners, being an assisting tool of coaxial surface light while measuring surface dimensions. The light intensity is not required for above two kinds of illumination, just simply tuning it clear. As to chamfer edges, or when there are multiple edges in a small FOV, small ring light or SmartRing could be used for optimizing the measurement.


The above are some suggestions on how to choose illuminations while the users inspect the parts with OGP SmartScope Video Measuring Systems. Because the material, color, texture and roughness of product surface will bring different effects on the measurement, the light sources have to be adjusted according to the actual situations.