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A member of QVI: VIEW – High Performance Metrology

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VIEW Micro-Metrology is the combination of Micro-Metric and VIEW Engineering, two technology-leading companies each with over 30 years of experience designing and building the world's best non-contact optical metrology systems that have joined together under Quality Vision International, the world's largest vision metrology company.

We offer two families of high-precision systems: high-speed, high accuracy coordinate metrology systems from VIEW Engineering measure complex components, and microscopy systems from Micro-Metric measure semiconductor and MEMs wafers, hard disk head sliders and photomasks.

Why Choose VIEW Micro-Metrology?

Process metrology for micro-electronic and micro-machined components demands a combination of high accuracy, precision and reliability, and the flexibility to create a turn-key solution for the application at hand.

VIEW Micro-Metrology is the group within Quality Vision International that combines each of these characteristics into our systems. All VIEW-MM systems are well-engineered platforms using proven materials and designs for reliable long term performance. We specialize in demanding applications that require experienced applications engineering to combine the right hardware, optics and software to solve critical process metrology problems.

The combined expertise of VIEW Engineering, Inc. and Micro-Metric enables leading technology companies in micro-manufacturing, data storage, semiconductor, medical devices, automotive parts, aerospace components, precision machined and molded parts, solar cell, and MEMs to develop and control critical manufacturing processes and product quality, with measurement capability for features less than 1 micron in size with nanometer measurement capability.

VIEW Micro-Metrology Application Advantages


l   Portable, small-form factor hard disk drivesarmswage and dimple geometrypitch and roll

l   Flex circuitstrace width and profile analysis

l   Disk mediaIDODroundnessconcentricityand chamfer length

l   Solder paste stencils: Solder paste stencils

l   PC boards

l   Solder paste height, area, and volume

l   Component placement

l   Leadframes

l  Electronics packages