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QVI Itaca FlexGauge Metrology Solutions

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Itaca srl, founded 1996, has been continuously developing the technique of CMM SW and HW. The field of activity has constantly evolved since the start in CMM SW. Probing, controllers, specialized HW and SW, always on the mainstream of metrology, have been designed and produced directly for the market or for our OEMs.

Worldwide cooperations and recent development of a specialized line of CMMs is projecting Itaca to the front-line, international market where it belongs.


The main facilities are located in Turin industrial suburbs (Italy). Here highly our team of mechanical, electronic and software engineers commit to develope advanced metrology solutions for our customers.


The Flexible Alternative


The FlexGauge™ offers an industrialized and rugged alternative to custom gauging solutions. Specially taylored for small, accurate parts as gears, valve bodies, turbine blades and small section, long, high accuracy parts like shafts, racks, ballscrews.With the stability of the granite structure and Ceramic Glass or laser scales FlexGauge™ is equally at home on the manufacturing floor or in the quality control laboratory.


A solid structure

Its structure is based on all-airbearing moving table and vertical stage.

FlexGaugeTM is ideal for the measurement of internal and external dimensions of high accuracy, small parts in production environment for controlling the manufacturing process.The inspection cycle can be easily programmed by self teaching as you are measuring the first part.


An Absolute XYZ Gauging System

FlexGauge™ is a cost effective alternative to traditional dedicated gauging solutions. Coordinate Measuring Machines have long been used as flexible production gauges however their size and costs have made them prohibitive for most gauging applications.

A new CMM configuration utilizing proven CMM principles and addressing the current market vacuum. It is more than just a flexible gauging system; FlexGauge™ is a Mini 3D CMM with an absolute dimensional accuracy. Thus the need of a painful process of making masters and matching the results is no more needed. The absolute accuracy and advanced thermal compensation will avoid all this, giving an absolute answer to the simple question: "is the part good or bad?”


Two sizes for all tasks

FlexGauge™'s granite guides, 100% airbearing and generous guidance ratios, together with included thermal compensation ensure the demanding accuracy.

FlexGauge™ comes in two basic models:

T (Table)

Moving table structure with a very small footprint.

It fits well for all small parts like bearing rings, small pipes, synch gears.

Compact and easily moveable wherever you need it.

C (Column)

Moving column structure.

Its unconventional architecture allows the measurement of parts with a section 200x250 with unlimited length like shafts, racks, ball-screws and alike.

The carbon-fiber spindle increases the dimensional stability of the measuring volume to ensure the measurement accuracy even in hard shopfloor conditions.

It may integrate all of the Renishaw line of probes.