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SCAN FIT & MEASURE - 2D flatbed scanner-based meas

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·     System features:

·          Rugged design for shop floor operation

·          Up to 300 mm x 400 mm (11.3/4" x 15.3/4") field of view, up to 130 mm (5.1/8") part height

·          Open-standard data output for integration with other information and reporting systems

·          Open-standard data input for integration with other (3rd party) measuring devices

·          Multiple parts measured at once for speed and reduced workload

·          Separate profile, dimensional and comparator views for unambiguous evaluation

·          One-time CAD measurement template preparation

  • Constructed features for comprehensive measurement
  •  Profile Tolerance with whiskers and zone visualization
  •  Rich set of geometric dimensions and tolerances
  •  1 Day set-up and user training for fast implementation
  •  Reports generation (MS Excel, OO Calc, PDF)
  •  Touchscreen comparator for automatic and manual visual inspection
  •  Automatic Part recognition (AutoID)
  •  One button measurement with automatic BestFit part alignment


Aluminium extrusions

PVC Extrusions


Sheet material parts

Medical tubes