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Upcoming OGP SmartScope ZIP-HR

Hits:UpdateTime:2021-04-29 13:51:21

As the very popular product of OGP SmartScope family, ZIP series are used extensively all over the place. In response to the complex and diversified measurement requirements in China Market, OGP Shanghai will introduce a high-end video metrology system without sacrificing cost-efficiency --- OGP SmartScope ZIP HR Optical Measuring machine, building and upgrading all around a brand new product based on the original ZIP model.


ZIP HR combines a hybrid zoom optical system originally developed for the SmartScope SP family of systems.  It features a 5 megapixel B&W camera and a large field front lens combined with a Zoom 70 body.   The low mag field of view with the standard lens is 15mm diagonal.   The  ZIP_HR also has a motorized PRL Ring Light that can be ordered either as a monochromatic (green) source, or a multi-color (Red, green, blue) source for improved imaging of certain part materials.   The idea is well known and proven transport with optics that offer a slightly larger FOV, high resolution camera and versatile ring light for tough lighting situations.  A touch probe or Scanning probe are optional, as is the TeleStar probe. 


It will be coming up for release soon. Stay tuned!