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EVOLVE Design CAE GD&T Software By OGP

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Improves Design GD&T

EVOLVE Design, jointly introduced by OGP and Kotem, is Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tolerancing software that helps engineers apply correct GD&T (GPS) tolerances to their CAD models. It can be paired with OGP video measuring systems, or used in all types of design and manufacturing processes as a standalone assisting tool.

  • Apply functionally and syntactically correct GD&T in a 3D model
  • Proof your CAD model’s GD&T and get helpful guidance about changes
  • Learn from context-sensitive explanations that refer to the specific section of the standards
  • Eliminate waste and errors in manual transcriptions of GD&T

EVOLVE Design proofs your GD&T (GPS) tolerances on the model. It highlights potential tolerancing problems and provides recommendations through its explanatory systems that show relevant guidance based on the GD&T standard chosen.

The EVOLVE Design Tolerance Stackup and Point Generator tools allow for a better understanding of the impact of chosen tolerances.

Key Features of EVOLVE Design

Supported GD&T Standards

Easy Workflow

  1. Import CAD and PMI
  2. Define Tolerances (import or enter directly)
  3. Proof project for GD&T (GPS) consistency
  4. Generate and export PDF report or save your project

User Flexibility

  • As a stand-alone software application EVOLVE Design can be used as a common GD&T tolerancing tool even if you work with more than one CAD software environment at your company
  • Several designers can use EVOLVE Design as a shared proofing tool

EVOLVE Design has clickable links in the text that open the relevant standard chapter of ASME and ISO (coming soon) standards. The dynamic content is based on the applied modifiers.

  • Material condition modifier
  • Tangent plane
  • Projected tolerance zone
  • and more