A manufacturing company focused on image measurement systems

Quality Vision International Inc. (QVI for short) is a manufacturing company focused on image measurement systems, providing high-precision non-contact and multi-sensing measurement systems for dimensional inspections to manufacturing industries around the world. We have more than 70 years of industrial manufacturing R&D experience. Our products are used in more than 70 countries to help companies improve product quality in daily production, and are widely used in automobiles, aerospace, ceramics, medical, electronics, semiconductors, plastics, biomedicine, Metal processing and other industries.

  • QVI has major brands
  • QVI's products cover many testing fields
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    Over 75 years of
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Quality Vision International Inc.

QVI's series of measurement products,
which are used in every corner of the world

  • QVI has major brands

    OGP®, VIEW Micro-Metrology, KOTEM profile comparison and analysis software, CCP optical comparator, RAM optical instrument, Shapegrabber 3D laser scanner, Itaca FlexGaugeTM flexible measurement system solution. OGP, the largest brand under its command, is committed to producing multi-sensing dimensional measurement systems, providing automatic product measurement solutions to countless parts manufacturers. Regardless of your measurement requirements, OGP's solutions are cost-effective. From manual detection to fully automatic, multi-sensor measurement, there is always one suitable for you.

  • QVI's products cover many testing fields

    Multi-sensor optical measurement, optical inspection comparison, image measurement, laser scanning, shaft rapid measurement, etc., all models have micrometers Class resolution and high measurement accuracy.

OGP (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by QVI-OGP in China

OGP (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by QVI-OGP in China,
aiming to better serve the Chinese market and provide customers with more professional sales support, maintenance and training services.
The company has experienced professional and technical personnel to help improve the product quality of manufacturers, maintain the normal operation of their equipment and reduce customer inspection costs.

75 years of technical innovation

OGP began a working relationship with Eastman Kodak Company as the exclusive distributor for the Kodak Contour Projector®. OGP rapidly expanded and became a national leader in optical inspection. In 1955, one of the founders of OGP, Edward C. Polidor, formed Automation Gages, Inc., a firm specializing in highly customized inspection equipment.
The equipment designed and manufactured by Automation Gages filled such diverse needs as automatic measuring of germanium transistor wafers to evaluation of the wash-and-wear characteristics of textiles.

Automation Gages soon became the national distributor for Bausch and Lomb scientific industrial products, including optical comparators and analytical microscopes. In 1959, OGP found its way to Detroit and became part of the Ex-Cell-O Corporation when Kodak sold the Contour Projector Line.

To meet future challenges, Automation Gages embarked on a program to build the core technologies needed for market leadership. Between 1969 and 1973, they acquired General Measurement Research, Inc. (manufacturer of the Digital Incremental Glass scale system), Visual Inspection Products (designers and builders of chart layout machines and 1:1 pantographs), the optical comparator product lines from Ex-Cell-O and Bendix Measurement Division, and, finally, Optical Gaging Products, Inc. All operations, including manufacturing, were consolidated under one roof in Rochester, New York in 1973.

A reflection of OGP's 75 Years of Advancing Optical Metrology

  • 1945
    OGP is Founded

    OGP and Eastman Kodak introduce the telecentric relay lens principle. Still regarded as the optical system of choice for high precision optical systems, it provides a constant working clearance and erect images.

  • 1956-59

    The world's first electronic edge detection system for optical comparators, is introduced. Using photocell technology and analog circuitry, Projectron foreshadows the need for automation in the inspection industry.

  • 1966
    The AG Electronic Smoothness Evaluator

    This addressed a need in the textile industry for inspection and sorting of fabric in order to receive the “Sanforized” label.

  • 1967
    AG MODEL 875

    The world's first video inspection system debuts. An early look into the future, the Model 875 clearly demonstrates the capabilities latent in this technology.

  • 1970
    First OGP Built Projector

    OQ-30, a side screen Contour Projector with a revolutionary granite surface plate foundation, is introduced.OGP joins Automated Gages.

  • 1976
    The Clip

    The CLIP (Closed Loop Incremental Positioner) introduction moves automation further forward, making automated positioning of comparator worktables possible.

  • 1977
    Mercury Arc Surface Illuminator

    This patented innovation, with its unique paraboloidal reflector, enables high magnification inspection of surface details for the first time.

  • 1979
    OQ Debuts

    The world's first side table optical comparator, dubbed the “projector for the eighties,” quickly becomes an industry favorite due to its innovative design.

  • 1980
    Vidicom Qualifier 863

    A remarkable machine, combines solid state electronics, gray scale image processing, and programmable magnification into an affordable, non-contact measuring system.

  • 1984
    Vidiprobe Contour Projector

    The Vidiprobe introduction effectively bridges contour projector and video inspection technologies.

  • 1985

    OGP leads the way again with the introduction of the first video system designed specifically for ease of use and low cost.

  • 1986
    Intelligent Qualifier 2000

    Introduced as one of the world's first multisensory coordinate measurement systems, the IQ-2000 can be equipped with vision, touch probe, and laser scanning sensors.

  • 1991
    SmartScope Launched

    SmartScope® brings fully automatic 3-D measuring to the benchtop at half the price of previous systems. Its color camera, programmable zoom lens,and easy to use software quickly make it the world's most popular non-contact measuring system.

  • 1994
    OGP reinvents the Benchtop Comparator with TopBench

    Features normally found only on larger systems are now available in one compact, benchtop system.

  • 1995
    OHA-50, Special-Purpose System

    An ultra-accuracy, small travel system designed specifically to meet the needs of the growing micro-manufacturing industry. Volumetric accuracy is better than one micron (0.001 mm).

  • 1996
    SmartRing is introduced

    A patented, multiple ring LED illuminator offers unparalleled flexibility for video measuring systems.With it, lighting is controlled for brightness, angle of incidence, and direction.

  • 2000
    SmartScope Flash & Flare Debut

    A new patented profile illumination featuring a linear array of LED lights is introduced. LEDs are illuminated sequentially to track the optical system as it moves in the x-axis. The number of LEDs illuminated,and their individual brightness, is changed depending on the zoom magnification level to match the numeric aperture of the optics.

  • 2002
    TeleStar Zoom Lens

    Designed and built specifically for precision video metrology providing a phenomenally clear high contrast image with virtually zero distortion.

  • 2003
    Rainbow Probe

    Capable of extreme accuracy for surface topography by using the concept of chromatic dispersion, this sensor determines change in the height of a surface by measuring the color of the reflected light it sees.

  • 2004
    SmartScope Quest/Vantage 650 Unveiled

    This new top-of-the-line system combines large load capacity, outstanding accuracy, extensive measurement volume, and multisensor capability (SP 25 scanning probe) to open the application envelope to parts previously not suitable for optical equipment.

  • 2009
    Ground-breaking Optical Comparator Technology

    Innovative all-LED TruLight® illumination, a world-first use in optical comparators and eCAD®, an electronic overlay package that allows a CAD model to project virtual charts onto the comparator screen, for comparison with part images are applied to new benchtop horizontal Contour Projectors®.

  • 2010
    QVI's Most Precise Laser Point Sensor Launched

    The TeleStar® TTL interferometric laser uses innovative electro-optical technology. In interferometry, light from a single coherent source is typically split into two beams that travel in different optical paths, which are then combined again to produce wave interference. The resolution obtained with interferometry is correlated directly to the wavelength of the light.

  • 2014
    ZONE3 Metrology Software Introduced

    The first 3D CAD-based metrology software, ZONE3®, combines all metrology software functionality into one package designed to work with SmartScope multisensory measurement systems.

  • 2015
    Newest Generation of Coordinate Measuring Systems

    FlexPoint™ is the first high-accuracy flexible gaging system for measurement of small precision parts, represents an alternative to custom hard gaging.

  • 2017
    TurnCheck System Addresses Shaft Measurement Uncertainty

    QVI® develops a new telecentric optical system specially for shaft measurement and coupled it with a new mechanical system that allows the optics/illumination/camera to scan the shaft while it is rotating.

  • 2018
    New Optical Point Sensors

    VersaFlex™ packages up to three sensors in one cluster. The optical/video probe combines precision optics, imaging, and illumination in a compact and powerful sensor assembly small enough for use on an articulating probe head.The TeleStar interferometric laser is packaged into a “pen” to allow this very high resolution sensor to be used with the VersaFlex cluster, or deployed off-axis on systems that do not use the TeleStar zoom lens.


Industry Affiliations

ISO Quality Systems

Quality Vision International is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company. The scope of certification covers QVI and subsidiary operations in North America.
Quality Vision Services – our field service and calibration division for North America – is certified to the ISO 17025-2005 standard for testing and calibration laboratories.

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