A basic interface for users to easily run work items

LaunchPad is a simplified, yet highly configurable user interface that provides an operator view, where users with only minimal training can securely launch and run programs. Setup instructions, documents, videos, barcode identification, etc., can be added to each program.

Portal user access permissions can be set up to allow control over who is authorized to launch certain projects, the sequence in which projects are run, and the parameters within which projects may be executed.

A LaunchPad plan can also be synced with a Windows folder location, so that as your program storage location structure changes when new projects are added or removed, LaunchPad automatically updates what is visible to operators.

LaunchPad is embedded within ZONE3 and is included with ZONE3 Pro and optional with ZONE3 Express. A separate standalone version is also available that can launch Measure-X and MeasureMind 3D routines on Portal based systems.

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